Welcome to Australian Medical Research

Australian Medical Research (AMR) is a private clinical research facility equipped to manage Phase 2 to Phase 4 clinical trials, conduct feasibility studies, support investigator-initiated research, and collaborate with academic researchers. Since our establishment in July 2017, we have successfully worked with Project Sponsors and Contract Research Organisations (CRO) for pharmacokinetic studies and medical device trials. Situated in Waratah Private Hospital in Hurstville, NSW, our facility is ideal for studies that require diagnostic imaging and pathology, surgical procedures, and patient admissions.

Our Team

We aim to deliver high quality clinical studies following highest ethical standards. We ensure that studies are conducted by clinical investigators and research coordinators who are appropriately qualified by education, training and experience; and are documented in compliance with Good Clinical Practice (GCP) guidelines, ethical standards and regulatory requirements.

Our Facility
To ensure exceptional service and support to our investigators, sponsors and participants, our facility offers:

  • Participant examination rooms
  • Sample collection and processing area
  • Investigational product storage
  • Participant assessment procedures
  • Participant database
  • Reliable digital data storage and project management systems
  • Access to radiology and pathology services
  • Access to surgical procedures and patient admissions through the Waratah Private Hospital

Our Services

Participant Recruitment
Recruitment involves collecting and distributing information about clinical trials to potential participants and physicians. Participants are recruited using a combination of strategies including but not limited to patient databases from clinics, web and social media campaign, and registering in clinical research registries.

Clinical Trials Management
Coordination and management of all aspects of clinical trials including screening, study visit monitoring, reporting and completion. It also involves effective communication with external stakeholders, especially sponsors of our clinical trials.

Ethics and HREC Management
Submission of ethics applications and amendments, progress reports and reporting any adverse events. Ensures that all studies comply to ICH-GCP guidelines and the national and state regulatory requirements.

Clinical Data Management
Encoding, verifying and monitoring of data, managing case report forms, resolution of patient queries, management of trial protocols, amendments, investigator brochures, informed consent forms and review of all relevant data.