Australian Medical Research welcomes clinical trial participants who are a good fit for the studies we conduct.

Before a participant is enrolled in a trial, we ensure that they are fully informed of the protocol and all queries and concerns are taken care of throughout the entire process. We have listed some frequently asked questions (FAQs) that may help you understand Clinical Research Trials.

Benefits of my participation in a Clinical Trial

The data gathered from clinical trials help physicians and medical experts develop new medical treatments and improve therapeutic guidelines. In effect, you will contribute to the advancement of medical research through your participation. Moreover, you may have access to novel therapies that are not yet available commercially. When participating in a trial with AMR, we will ensure you are provided with optimal medical care before, during and after the study. Your well-being and rights as a participant are our utmost priority.

Signify your interest in becoming a participant

If you would like to be a participant in a study with AMR, kindly provide us with your details using this form. You will be included in our database and we will contact you when a suitable study comes up.