Welcome to Australian Medical Research

Australian Medical Research (AMR) is a private clinical research facility equipped to manage Phase 2 to Phase 4 clinical trials, conduct feasibility studies, support investigator-initiated research, and collaborate with academic researchers. Since our establishment in July 2017, we have successfully worked with Project Sponsors and Contract Research Organisations (CRO) for pharmacokinetic studies and medical device trials. Situated in Waratah Private Hospital in Hurstville, NSW, our facility is ideal for studies that require diagnostic imaging and pathology, surgical procedures, and patient admissions.

AMR aims to make significant contributions to improving patient outcomes by coordinating clinical research studies, challenging current therapies, and exploring ‘what works better’ in the delivery of patient-centred care.


Australian Medical Research aims to make significant contributions to improve patient-relevant outcomes through evidence-based medicine and quality clinical research.


AMR is committed to coordinate clinical research that can be translated to improved therapeutic outcomes, challenge current therapies, and explore ‘what works better’ in the delivery of patient-centred care.

What we do...

AMR is committed to improving healthcare by contributing to the global medical and scientific research and evidence. We conduct various clinical studies, ranging from academic projects, feasibility studies, investigator-initiated studies, and Phase 2 to Phase 4 clinical trials.

Our work is guided by three core principles:

  • Service

 AMR provides exceptional service that is tailored to our diverse stakeholders. We offer our participants personalised professional care from pre-screening to beyond the study closure. Our clinical specialist team screens and matches the participants to the appropriate clinical trial and treatment options based on their needs. We ensure that our Project Sponsors and CROs are provided with timely, complete and accurate data that is useful for the study outcomes. We also offer research support for clinicians and investigators who want to do research but have limited time to work on the administrative side of research. Our research team is highly trained and experienced in good clinical practice (GCP), research ethics, research design and methodology, data collection and management, data analysis, and publication. Our expert, GCP-certified medical professionals can guarantee that participants receive world class medical care, making their trial experience smooth and worry-free. Our stringent recruitment process will provide our partners with expertly screened participants, who are well looked after from sign-up to study exit to ensure retention.

  • Communication

Australian Medical Research believes that communication is integral to optimal service delivery. We are committed to engage our partners from conception through to implementation up to study closure. We provide our stakeholders with innovative ways to update them of the progress of the study and dedicated staff for constant information exchange. Of equal importance, participants are assured they will have direct contact with our research personnel to address their concerns at any stage of the trial.

  • Integrity

AMR is committed to conduct clinical research ethically and in accordance with National Health and Medical Research Council’s (NHMRC) guidelines, specifically: (1) National Statement on Ethical Conduct in Human Research (2018 update), and (2) 2018 Australian Code for the Responsible Conduct of Research. We also operate in accordance with the ICH-GCP guidelines, ensuring all staff receive adequate training and regularly updated clinical research skills. Guided by Australian and international guidelines, AMR can assure the research participant’s well-being and safety are our utmost priority, with their rights safeguarded throughout the study.

Our facility

To ensure exceptional service and support to our investigators, sponsors and participants, our facility offers:

  • Participant examination rooms
  • Sample collection and processing area
  • Investigational product storage
  • Participant database
  • Participant assessment procedures
  • Reliable digital data storage and project management systems
  • Ethics/HREC applications
  • ICH-GCP compliance
  • Partnership with easily accessible clinical laboratory service